“Life Was Fun On Campus Before The Covid-19 Experience” – Abena Boateng To Pamela Boateng Host Of 31 Status

COVID-19 Invaded Ghana Last Year Some Where March, Due To That Schools Where Shutdown And Students Had To Stay Home Close To 11 Months.

Last Sunday On 31 Status With Host Pamela, She Had Two Student’s On Her Show From University Of Ghana To Have Discussions On How The COVID-19 Home Stay Treated Them Till They Got Back To School Just This January 16th.

Abena Stated That “Life On Campus Was Fun Before The COVID-19 Invasion. I Am A Weekend Student, So Saturday’s & Sunday’s Are When I Get To Meet People. It’s Always Fun When You Meet People And You Have To Tap Into Their Opinions & Ideas Also During Lecture Period’s When Someone Says Something Funny Out Of The Blues. All This Things Doesn’t Makes Life Boring & Static, It Brings Some Dynamics And That Is It For Me”

Alot Of Times People Think Campus Is Just Book But That’s Where You Learn Alot Of Things Because You Get To Meet People From Different Backgrounds And Cultures. You Get To Learn About Life In General, Campus Is Where You Discover New Things But The COVID-19 Experience Came To Shutdown Everything, Abena Ended.